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Beauty Equipment Bio-Skin Care Lights

  • ES-220

  • Beauty Sense

Beauty Equipment(ES-220)Bio-Skin Care Lights

? There are 34 LED bulbs in each ES220 device. Each color
light is sold separately.
? Nanometer Bio Lights offers a non-invasive cold light
therapy because of its special wave length.
There is no harm and has no side effects on human body.
? Blue Light: 470 nm Kills bacteria and hence helps control
? Yellow Light: 580nm Lightens pigmentation
? Red Light: 660nm Improves metabolism, produces collagen
and is anti wrinkle.
? People can bathe in nanometer bio-light onto skin and
decide the therapy time according to their type of skin.
? Does not discolor skin. No adverse effect from Bio light.
? Healing: Bio-light can stimulate body cells to heal some
5 times faster than normal.

. Power output: AC 15V, 350mA
. Input adapter: 110V, or 220V

Country of Origin:Taiwan
Competitive Advantages:Well and High Quality Control ,OEM Accepted ,Fit for Gifts and Premiums ,ODM Accepted
Sales Method:Export ,Manufacture ,OEM/ODM
Payment Terms:T/T